MOBU Herbals Executive Team

Janell Cole - Owner


MOBU's creator, naturopath and master herbalist Janell Cole, began her college education at Brigham Young University in Utah, Janell was already focused on nutrition and traditional medicine. That life path came into much sharper focus when, while she was still an undergraduate, Janell's father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. As his cancer spread to the bone, Janell monitored his course of treatment; ultimately unsuccessful; and developed a conviction that much more could have been done for him to strengthen his own system to fight the cancer.

This heartbreaking experience motivated Janell to study and teach a natural way of healthy living, and to bring to her own practice a mastery of the medicinal properties of herbs and their ideal combinations and uses. Not denying the importance of conventional medicine, Janell changed her own educational goal from western medicine to natural healing methods. After further undergraduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley, she took a doctorate in naturopathy (ND) and pursued additional training in herbology and lymphatic/colonic treatment.

Janell had a private practice from 2006 to 2014 when she decided to open up MOBU Herbals to direct sales in order to be able to help more people with her products.

Brenda Deming


Brenda joined MOBU Herbals as an Independent Consultant in August 2014 just weeks after MOBU Herbals opened for Direct Sales.

Brenda had many discussions with Janell in the beginning about the strategies, visions, and mission of MOBU Herbals and quickly wanted to help Janell see these visions and mission become a reality. Soon the Dynamic Duo started working together to make MOBU Herbals what is is today.

Brenda oversees customer service, the I.T. department, and dabbles in marketing with her developing graphic design skills.

Brenda's favorite thing about MOBU Herbals is that nearly every new consultant joins after trying the product and seeing how well the products work. She loves hearing how the products have helped customers benefit from Janell's endeavor.