Natalie McKinney-Ambassador of the Month

I was introduced to MOBU from a website where I was researching companies for stay at home mothers. I have always been a work horse and when I became a mom I was not financially supporting my family. I was very intrigued that MOBU was a ground floor business opportunity.

My husband Drew and I are very passionate about natural products and living a healthy lifestyle. We often find ourselves proud and quite the compliment when we are called "hippies". Not a day goes by that I am not learning something new. As a family, we strive to stay healthy and share with others the benefits of natural products. I ordered the essentials kit when I learned about MOBU and couldn't wait to get it in the mail. Based on the ingredients of the products, I was sold on the products before I had even tried them.

My husband has suffered a terrible car accident in high school, and endures a lot of pain in his lower lumbar region of his back. When we received the PM Pain balm we used it on his back. When he woke up the next morning he couldn't believe how awesome his back felt. He has tried so many things to give his back relief. He has tried chiropractor, Ben gay, tiger balm, biofreeze and hemp cream. Nothing touched his back like the PM Pain did. It was then that I was a confirmed believer in the MOBU products. I was so excited and talking to everyone about the products (even before my kit came).

I am a massage therapist, cosmetologist and esthetician, while working in the salon another gal that I worked with has terrible arthritis in her knees. She told me her husband puts Ben gay on her knees and he seems to think it helps, but she said it doesn't. I asked her if she's interested in anything natural. She right away shot it down and said no absolutely not, I go to the doctor for everything...but I sparked her interest and she was curious so she asked me more. I have a sample box that I keep in my vehicle at all times. After I told her Drew's testimony I gave her some AM and PM Pain samples and a brochure. She said, "if this stuff works as good as you say it does, how do I get more?" The very next day she called me and had to have it! She said her knee never felt so good! Two weeks later she called me and needed me to order her more because she couldn't run out of the product.

I have another client who‘s husband has terrible tennis elbow. He swears by am pain. He is a farmer and is able to get his work done more efficiently thanks to MOBU!

My uncle who is diabetic and had toenail fungus. The bottoms of his feet are so dry and raw, they were like shards of glass. A couple nights of putting SOS on his feet and his feet were so smooth and his toenail fungus was getting lighter in color.

In our household, our favorite products are SOS for diaper rash and dry skin, kava calm for nightmares, xtracting for all the amazing reasons and bed wetting and PM Pain. I personally cannot live without the body butters. I use them everyday for deodorant and as well as on my pedicure clients in the salon.

I could go on and on about testimonies, I have so many. These products work, these products make our lives easier, they take the guess work out of mixing everything. Although, I still love making my own homemade products. We know we can take MOBU anywhere and have the peace of mind and satisfaction of knowing we are not putting chemicals on our bodies.

MOBU is not like any other company. It is a family. I am overjoyed by the support and friendship I have received from this company. Janell is very loving and caring and above all very knowledgeable. My favorite part about this company is the Herbal Hour and the incentives. I love learning and embrace as much as I can about the products. I am honored to be the consultant of the month. This company has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and is a wonderful product. Thank you for the support.