Jacqueline Crous -Ambassador of the Month

In the past year I made a choice to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. I underwent dietary changes. These made positive results in my health. Although, they helped me, I soon realized the effect environmental factors played as well. Many things contained harmful ingredients. Everything from, laundry soap, toiletries, household cleaners and scented products. I researched and selected the safest, organic items possible.

I found MOBU Herbals by accident. The timing was perfect. While cleaning my house, I came upon a few samples and a flyer. I must have acquired them at a vendor event and set them aside. Months or even years later, I came upon them. I used the samples immediately. They were phenomenal!!! I became a MOBU freak!!! I wanted to share it with everyone. Benefits for ailments such as headaches, occasional constipation, tiredness, hormonal inbalances, common cold symptoms and more addressed with organic, natural ingredients. How exciting is that?! The convenience of application is an extra bonus. A precise combination of organic herbs and oils applied directly to the skin for immediate absorption. Easy and safe for all ages, even pets