Consultant of the Month - Jessica Lawrence

Jessica - Consultant of the Month
While scrolling through Facebook posts, I saw an ad for MOBU Herbals. As I had never heard of it and I'm curious by nature, I went to the website to see what it was all about. I've always been interested in natural remedies but hadn't really had the time to do any exploration in that area. But MOBU intrigued me enough to sign up as a consultant on the spot.. and I'm so glad I did!

My first product experience was with the X-Tracting Balm after getting a mosquito bite. I'm allergic to mosquitos so the site of the bite usually swells up and expands outward pretty quickly, becoming very red and hot to the touch, not to mention itchy! I applied the X-Tracting Balm and almost immediately, the itching stopped. The swelling started to go down and after an hour or so, I couldn't even see the bite anymore! After that, I was hooked and began sharing my experiences (and product samples) with others! Visit www.mobuherbals.com/JLawrenceto start your MOBU journey today!

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