Had a series of skin issues starting with a burning rash on the collar areas of neck. Followed closely by a bee sting (allergic) and then shingles. From the start X-Tracting balm was the only thing that calmed the burn and itch. I will never be without it again! Really allowed me to work through the reactions. Testing on scar next!!! Thank you MOBU! - Judy S.

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MOBU Works!

You might never know how well herbal remedies work if you have not tried dermal infusions. Most people are not aware that passage through the stomach and liver can reduce the bio-availability of nutrients and phytonutrients by as much as 90%. Dermal (through the skin) infusions pass rapidly into systemic circulation and bypass the harsh environments of the stomach and liver. The transdermal method has made a strong comeback recently in a multitude of pharmaceutical applications, such as skin patches for weight loss, quitting smoking, and birth control.

The Penetrating Dermal Infusion system (PDI) is a double distillation process in which herbal ingredients synergize for up to a week, resulting in super-penetrating, bio-available herbal infusions. Synergize refers to the blending of the properties of different herbs in ways that amplify their individual ingredients. PDI employs a double steam, causing a more thorough extraction of healing compounds than in ordinary distillation.

The PDI system promotes rapid and thorough absorption of medicinal herbs into the body, unlike the rough transit through the digestive tract that healing compounds must undergo when taken orally. Oral medications are subject to fluctuating transit times through the body, interactions with digestive fluids, and numerous side effects that don't arise with transdermal medication.

In addition to the freshness and purity of the ingredients, the quality of MOBU Herbals products is stabilized by the manufacturing scale small batches, made in our own facility, personally selected, blended, tested and approved by the highest standards of MOBU Herbals.

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