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Hosting a MOBU Party

MOBU Herbals parties can be online, through brochures, or in your home if you have a consultant in your area.

The MOBU Herbals Consultant will provide your guests with samples whether online, with brochures, or in your home. Your guests will be provided with a unique link to your party online and, if you want, with order forms and brochures.

We know that the only way to appreciate MOBU Herbals is to try it and once most people try it and feel the difference, they learn to appreciate the products

Host Rewards

All rewards are company paid

You will receive a free body butter of your choice when your party reaches $50 in retail sales. This free body butter will be in addition to the free items listed below:

Party Total Free Items
$100-$249.99 1
$250-$399.99 2
$400-$549.99 3
$550-$699.99 4
$700 and up 2 products and all Slim Products

Notes and exclusions:
  • The rewards are based on the sub-total of the party orders.
  • Only one of each product may be selected as a free gift.
  • The X-Tracting Balm and Slim Wrap Lotion are only available as free products after $550 in sales.
  • The hostess will need to pay shipping based on the retail price of her free gifts.
Vitality Balm Love Potion Body Butter Kava Balm