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A.M. Pain Testimonials

I have Multiple sclerosis and was having trouble walking and a little pain and was getting stressed from it so I ordered product. When it came in and I put the A.M. Pain lotion on and five minutes later I went to walk and I started walking normal. I couldn‘t believe it! I’m so amazed by this! It really works and I‘m happy!
Jennifer M.

My friend received her A.M. and P.M. lotions. She has MS and she was so excited when she used the A.M. Pain and was able to walk with no issues today!
Belinda C.

I went to bed with a tension headache last night.). I got back up and applied the A.M. Pain to my temples and neck. Within a just a few minutes, the pain was completely gone! AMAZING!
Debbie O.

I have diverticulitis but have not had any problems with it for some time. Until this morning that is. It was getting so painful that I was eyeing some pain meds, and I HATE taking drugs of any kind! Picture if you will, Freddy Kruger running his "nails" along the inside of your bowl. Painful to say the least!!

Then I thought why not try the AM pain balm mixed with a little Kava. Well, I put it on and people, I am telling you, I was blown away by the results!!! I mean, I know our products work, but I thought with this amount of pain I wasn't sure it could manage it for me. Within 2 minutes the pain is literally almost gone!! I am in tears over how well this has worked for me!! It simply is AMAZING!!!
Kathy B.

Hello. I am severely prone to Migraines. 2 weeks ago I had 3 shots in my head to try to "control" them. Well, last week (after shots), I was in SOOOO much pain. Thought my head would explode! Took pills and no relief! Suddenly, I remembered the sample I received before my party. This was before I got my order. I rubbed it everywhere it said and more then laid down. 45 mins later the migraine was GONE! When I get the chance, I will DEFINITELY purchase the PM Pain. I bought the AM before I even tried it. Liked the way it sounded as though it would relieve my pain. Go MOBU!!
Jen S.

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Butt Aid Balm Testimonials

My daughter-in-law has a bad hemorrhoid from child birth that is so bad her doctor was going to send her to the oncologist if it didn't get better. She did have a suppository from the doctor but also used butt aide and her doc was impressed with her improvement!
Stephanie E.

I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid that the doctor was going to schedule to have removed surgically if it had not gone away by my next appointment. Seeing how I didn‘t want to have surgery on that part of my body, I decided to use the Butt Aid mixed with some X-Tracting balm. After each bathroom visit, I would put a small amount of butt aid and X-Tracting on my finger and then apply it to the hemorrhoid. After three days, the hemorrhoid was gone! During this time, I also applied E-Z Lax around my belly button to ensure a softer experience so death would not feel imminent.
Brenda D.

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Buzz Away Body Butter Testimonials

I brought the Buzz Away up to my cabin where I usually get feasted upon by mosquitoes. I put the Buzz Away on to give it a try and came away without a bite!
Ronda B.

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C.C.C. Testimonials

My 6yr old caught the Type A flu that was going around so nasty this year, We had been battling his fever, it was up to 103.7 and he was sooo miserable! I had already given him Tylenol and Motrin alternating like they tell you too and still nothing was touching it, I remembered the CCC Balm sample that I had and I rubbed it on his temples, behind his ears and down his neck and chest and within 3 minutes his fever was 101 and coming down! I will never do without this product on hand again.
Phalon B.

Seriously I am so damn sick I am hating life right now but this balm is totally helping me out. It's the only thing providing me relief. Shower then balm rub down is like a little piece of heaven.
Happy Customer

I picked up my 15 year old daughter from school today and she said she had a sore throat and she thought it might be allergies as the pollens are so high right now. I had a sample of C.C.C. lotion and literally within the first 45 seconds or so she was feeling relief and neither one of us could believe how fast it happened either!
Lisa C.

I get bronchitis twice a year it seems and this time I refused to go to the doctor since I am quite familiar with the treatment which is cough syrup with codeine and prednisone. I told my husband that we should give this stuff a try since we have it. So he rubbed CCC from my breastbone to my collar bone on the front and the same area on the back. Within 20 minutes, I wasn’t hacking up a lung! He applied it again that night and I slept the ENTIRE night without waking up from coughing (which he appreciated too so he could sleep!) The next morning he applied more to the same area and the cough completely disappeared!

Since this worked great on my bronchitis, about a month later, when my wheezing from asthma started, I decided to give it a try rather than taking my emergency inhaler. I was pregnant at the time and my inhaler is a Class C drug which I didn’t want to use unless this didn’t work. I put the C.C.C. on my throat and a little on my upper chest and the wheezing stopped.
Brenda D.

I have been dealing with dizzy spells as a result of extra fluid in my ears. Well after using CCC behind them, they finally don't feel congested and I'm not feeling like I'm going to faint half the time! Yay for MOBU!!
Amber K.
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E-Z Lax Balm Testimonials

EZ-Lax is awesome! It totally works! I seem to get constipated and when I do I just put a very small amount of the balm on my abdomen before bed and I am back to normal by the next morning!
Cindy B.
It really works. My baby was suffering from constipation, but after using this product feels much better. Thank you MOBU Herbals.
Yaritza F.

I suffer from ibs-d and this product is amazing. Within 2 applications it worked. I am so happy to have found this product because I can not afford the prescription medication needed for ibs-d.
Heather W.

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Kava Calm Testimonials

I skeptically used Kava Calm to help me sleep one night. Since then, it has helped me sleep the whole night without feeling drugged or groggy in the morning. I tried Vitality Balm when I began experiencing symptoms of thyroid and endocrine imbalance. My skin cleared completely. I no longer have cold intolerance, and my eyebrow, lashes and hair have grown back. Thank you, MOBU Herbals!
Melissa G.

My son who is 8 years old and has ADD was really restless one night, I could hear him tossing and turning and I went to get my sample of Kava Calm Balm. I applied a small amount to the bottom of each foot and went to lay back down. In about 10-15 min I went to check on him and he was sleeping peacefully. The next morning he woke up rested and not groggy at all, so I thought Hmmm.. that really worked. I never thought much more about it until about a week later HE CAME TO ME!! He said "Mom do you have any more of that Herbal stuff? I just can't get comfortable!" I knew then how amazing this product really was! He now has his own can in his bedside table to use at night.
Phalon B.

I have anxiety and it usually occurs when my mind is thinking too much and I can't shut it off. It also keeps me from sleeping. I put some Kava Balm on the bottom of my feet at bedtime then put on some socks. It helps me fall asleep in a decent amount of time and I always wake up rested and never groggy! I love this stuff! I am flying next month and will be taking it with me to help relax!
Cindy B.

It has been a God send for my daughter. She suffers from anxiety and it even interrupted her work and family life. After using the product she is been having very good days and is taking less medicine.
Zoila A.

I lost one of my best friends this week. As most know grief is the worst. I myself used Kava Calm which helped huge when spending my days in an ICU unit with her family and friends. I also shared a bottle of lotion with her daughter and another good friend. Both came to me yesterday to tell me thank you for giving them some sleep. So from my experience I would recommend it for others that are grieving.
Christine M.

This has helped me sleep!!!
Marcia O.

I put Kava Calm on my daughter EVERY NIGHT before bed, She is only two and she asks for her lotion. I know she will get a full nights rest, which is great news for this mama.
Jess C.
I have several testimonies that I could share, but will tell you today how much the Kava Calm is helping my 79-year-old mother-in-law. My husband and I caregive for her in our home. Last December her depression and anxiety reached such a critical point that she called for an ambulance, went to the hospital, then after returning home and settling down and going to bed, we were awakened by two police officers in our house before daylight. She had called the police! She had several episodes that were almost as if she had been possessed. Her doctor recommended Kava and L-Tryptophan herbal supplements. They gradually helped her improve but it wasn't until we began using Kava Calm lotion on her hands and feet morning and night that we have seen the biggest (and best) improvements. She now is calm and her sweet disposition has returned. We now know that she has Alzheimer's, but as it progresses, we are at least able to keep her resting well at night and calm during the day. THANK YOU so much! We are also rubbing Vitality balm on her neck in the mornings, hoping to slow the dementia…

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Men‘s 35+ Testimonials

I gave my husband a can of this to use and I was impressed!! Not in the way you think either based on the Sex in a Can review lol. It actually improved his moods, lessened his mood swings and he started sleeping all night long without getting out of bed to pee.

Great for prostate. Works immediately even in small amounts on scrotum.
Gregg W.

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P.M. Pain Testimonials

Last night I used P.M. Pain for an injury I suffered a few years ago in my foot. Within minutes of applying this balm, I had relief and had the best night of sleep! This is some amazing stuff!
Keith F.

This product has changed my life!! I have had severe back issues for a few years. At least once a month I throw my back out (it goes out fairly easily...something as small as sweeping my house can cause major problems) and it usually takes 7-10 days to get back to normal. I'm only 31 years old, but when it happens it's almost like I need a cane to get around!! I've been on pain pills, muscle relaxers, and have tried everything on the market to help. Heating pads and icy hot are some of the most used items for me. I used P.M. Pain balm after throwing my back out having a yard sale...the very next morning I woke up and was able to get out of bed with ZERO ISSUES!! I was speechless. The next day at our yard sale was even worse. Not only was back hurting but my knees and feet ached so much! I applied the P.M. Pain balm and VIOLA!! The next morning I felt amazing!! Not to mention that I slept like a baby. This product is a must have in anyone's medicine cabinet!!
Jennifer H.

My husband has had back pain for many years so I started using the P.M. Pain balm every night. It is working better than anything has. I usually apply it to his back and then rub my temples and neck with whatever is left on my hands. I must say I have been sleeping much better. I'm impressed with this product!
Happy Customer

I injured my ankle 30 years ago in a high speed vehicle accident. Since then when wearing heels, running or even doing large amounts of driving causes the ankle becomes inflamed. It fills with fluid which causes more pain due to the pressure of the fluid on the scarred tendons.

I used the PM Pain Balm for the first time with great success about 10 days ago. The next morning on getting out of bed I realized I had walked more freely than I had for years in the mornings. Usually the joint is locked up as if fused and it takes about 10 steps to free up. That morning I stepped on an ankle which felt almost normal.

I can't ask for more pleasing results. Im a MOBU consultant now.
Rachel A.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, Osteoarthritis in my knees (in need of a double knee replacement) and Restless Leg Syndrome. While having both knees and RLS bothering me at the same time is NOT a pleasant feeling. I had a sample from my friend and consultant, Belinda, of the PM Lotion. Anyone who has knee pain and stiffness in the morning, use the PM lotion(maybe with some of the AM lotion too). It helped with almost completely stopping the pain and stiffness as well as calming my RLS in my thighs SO much, I was able to get some sleep! Highly recommended! Thanks for the help Belinda!
Jennifer K.

My husband had a car accident years ago that left him with a knot down one side of his spine. He has gone to doctors and chiropractors with little relief and has had to use the prescription Flexeril nightly to be able to relax enough to sleep. In July 2016 we began rubbing P.M. Pain Balm onto the area before bed. He feels almost immediate relief and is able to sleep now without the nagging pain. No more Flexeril! Thank you MOBU Herbals!
Cindy W.

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Slim Stick Testimonials

My son in law took the challenge i gave him 8 weeks ago to use the slim lip balm at 104.7 kg (230lb) because he was struggling. I asked him to really test drive this lip balm and NOT change anything about his lifestyle other than use the lip balm so

NO diet change

NO reduction in beer

NO exercise

AAARRRRGGGHHH HE IS NOW 97.8kg (215.6lb) in 8 weeks and used 1.5 tubes of slim lip balm and that is the ONLY thing he changed. I'm so proud and so excited what a massive result had to scream it from the mountain tops.....
Heidi C.

I had a hysterectomy, along with a couple other procedures, the whole surgery took 4.5 hours, on November 9, 2016. One night, I had taken my painkillers and still couldn't get relief, or sleep. My mother was visiting and brought me out our PM Pain Balm. I took a generous amount and rubbed it all over my gut. I fell asleep and was pain free quickly. I would highly recommend this product after surgery! Thank you.
Angela D.
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Slim Wrap Testimonials

My parents started using Slim Wrap because Dad was diabetic (onset in his late 60s) and Mom wanted to lose some inches. They started wrapping on Mondays and Thursdays for a few months. Dad had his doctor appointment and was delighted when the doctor called him and told him that he did not need to use his diabetic medication anymore because everything was regulated! Dad had been using the diabetes medication for a few years. He said that he knew it was because he was using the Slim Wrap and it helped regulate! He was also delighted that in this time he lost 40 to 50 pounds! It‘s been over a year since he wrapped and the inches are still off!

My Mom lost many inches around her body and dropped four sizes. They feel better and know that it was due to wrapping!
Brenda D.

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S.O.S. Testimonials

S.O.S. Balm took care of my youngest son's bleeding diaper rash and my oldest son's athlete's foot within a day or two. It is absolutely a daily necessity for moms with young children and should be in every diaper bag.

I had a precancer spot on my face and I used the cancer cream from my doctor to treat it. After using the cream the spot kept bleeding, blistering, and scabbing. My doctor told me to use Vaseline. I did for 10 days but it was not healing. I had the S.O.S. lotion that I started using. Within 10 days my spot looked amazing. I'm still using the S.O.S. lotion every day. The cancer spot is almost gone. My doctor was so impressed when I went back for my follow up appointment and that is when I showed him the S.O.S lotion. He said he may sell the lotion in his office. All the products are GREAT at MOBU!!! Thank you.
S.O.S Lotion Admirer

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Tat 911 Balm Testimonials

Just wanted to give a shout out for the tat 911 stick! It's amazing. I had a large piece of cover-up ink done today and this stuff is my new best friend, second only to my other best friend AM.Pain balm!
Happy Customer

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Vitality Testimonials

Vitality is amazing! I have been using it for a few weeks and I love the way I feel. No mid-day crash or heart racing/jitters.
Jennifer H.

I was diagnosed as narcoleptic about four months ago. My doctor ordered Provigil and it worked wonders! I was curious about how Vitality would work for that so during spring break I used only vitality and did not take Provigil. It worked better! Spoke with my doctor and he said I could stop taking Provigil if Vitality worked for me!
Diane F.

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Women‘s 35+ Testimonials

I normally have night sweats the week before my period. I had just started using the Women‘s 35+ Balm about 10 days before my period was due and to my surprise my night sweats were pretty much non existent! I use this every day now, just a little dab on my throat or the insides of my arms.
Cindy B.

I get mild to severe cramps during "that time of the month". I've recently started applying the Women‘s 35+ balm to my wrists when the cramps start and it either eliminates them completely or dulls them! Goodbye Midol!
Jessica L.

My friend Jo has suffered from hot flashes every 2 to 5 minutes for 10 years, she is 53. She has tried every over the counter remedy known to man, nothing helps, she takes her jacket off, puts it on, every few minutes and is up every half an hour at night. She refuses to go on HRT as she saw her mother balloon out 40kg on it. I have known Jo for 17 years and these hot flashes have become an unfortunate debilitating part of her life.

I gave her a sample of Women‘s 35+ and she came to me 2 days later saying, "OMG I could not believe it, I went to bed and woke up and it was morning, it has been over 10 years since that happened!!" She was talking to everyone about it, very passionately, and an hour later she said, "In that hour since I put it on, I have only had 1 mild flash, nothing like I have had every 2 minutes for the past 10 years. Needless to say, we have many new orders for Women‘s 35+ balm.
Submitted by Shauna W.

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X-tracting Balm Testimonials

I have had a fungal infection on both of my legs for years, causing swollen, bumpy skin. I tried over-the-counter and prescription meds with only temporary results. When I began applying X-tracting Balm, I was surprised by how quickly the symptoms disappeared.
Steve L.

I used your X-tracting Balm on my skin cancer and it worked. Before that, I had a squamous cell carcinoma near my temple surgically removed. When a new one appeared closer to my cheek, I thought I would have to have it removed by a plastic surgeon because the first one scarred so badly. But I started using your product and it went away! Thank you so much!
Leilani V.

X-tracting Balm is awesome!! I am allergic to mosquitos and always seem to get several bites whenever I go outside in the afternoon or evening. The bites swell up quickly and can get pretty big when left untreated. However, now that I've discovered the Extracting Balm, that's a thing of the past! I put the balm on as soon as I can after the bite and it stops the swelling in its tracks, which prevents the bites from starting to itch.. and usually within a couple hours, the bite is either gone completely or almost invisible.
Jessica L.

Had a series of skin issues starting with a burning rash on the collar areas of neck. Followed closely by a bee sting (allergic) and then shingles. From the start X-Tracting balm was the only thing that calmed the burn and itch. I will never be without it again! Really allowed me to work through the reactions. Testing on scar next!!! Thank you MOBU!
Judy S.

I would like to share my crazy story with you!! A lady bought X-tracting balm because she has an enlarged belly button that stuck out. She came to get some more products today said she applied it two times a day for a week and this week one time a day and it's never looked this good for years!!! And she has tried EVERYTHING she said. Just wanted to share that with you.... X-TRACTING IS THE BALM!!!
Ashley G.

I have a spider bite that would not heal up. I put the X-Tracting balm on it and I could tell a big difference the next day. This stuff works.
Myrven Y.

My fiance had a horrible risen sore in a very delicate place. He could not get it to drain, it hurt so bad he was only sleeping about 45 minutes at a time. He finally gave in and let me put some balm on it. By the next day, the X-tracting Balm had pulled all the infection to the surface and it finally drained! I also snuck some of our PM pain balm close to it and he finally got some rest and did not hurt that night!
Kim W.

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