Apply topically for quick absorption into your bloodstream. This gives you faster results.

Balm and Lotion

When first opening a balm please mix it so the preservative on top is mixed into the herbal ingredients for optimal performance.

Body Butters

The body butters have been used as a leave-in hair conditioner, deodorant, shaving cream, and full body moisturizer.

Herb-dicinal Balms and Lotions

All balms and lotions may be applied to your blue vein areas. The best blue veins to apply the products are on top of your head, on your wrists, behind your knees, and behind your ears.

If you are using a product to open your airway for easier breathing, apply the product to your upper chest, on your throat, your upper back, and on the bridge of your nose.

If you are using a product for pain relief, choose the most painful area and massage the product in. Because the product is absorbed into your bloodstream, the product will help reduce pain all over your body.

For a restful night sleep, massage the Kava Calm into your feet as you start your bedtime routine.

Bath Salts

Start your bath and add about half a cup of salts for a normal size bathtub, more for lsrger baths. Relax and take your bath the way that you normally do. As you get out, rinse your body off completely so any detoxing that has taken place will not remain on your skin.

If you do not have a bathtub, you can still get all the benefits of the bath salts. Warm some water on your stove and then stir in some bath salts. Moisten a washcloth with the bath salt mixture and apply the bath salts to your chest to open up the airways, to your abdomen for the detox or for relaxation, or to the part of your body that is in pain. Put a towel over the washcloth. When the washcloth has cooled, repeat this process again.

Lip Balms

Lip balms should only be used for 30 days then discarded as dead skin tissue from your lips stays on the lip balm after each use.

Individual Routines

If you are using more than one product or need more specific instructions due to individual circumstances, please reach out to your Ambassador. If you purchase directly from MOBU Herbals, please call 1-615-601-2256