A and B

Arnica has been used as an astringent that tightens and is an emollient that softens and smooths skin.

Black Cohosh has a natural estrogen source that controls hot flashes and helps women stay balanced through their monthly cycles.

Black Walnut has been used since the beginning of time to remove parasites from the digestive tract. It is great to for reducing the appearance of boils and other skin irritation.

Burdock is high in minerals and iron. It helps clean out environmental pollutants from the body.

Butcher’s Broom is great to help with occasional swelling in the hands and feet. It also helps support the bladder and kidney functions.

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C and D


Calendula is for reducing the appearance of bruises, burns, and skin eruptions.

Cascara Sagrada is a “power herb” that eases occasional constipation and stimulates bowel flow.

Catnip helps achieve relaxation and reduce the blues.

Cat’s Claw is a tonic herb. It has been used to clean impurities from the blood. It also supports the immune system.

Chamomileis used to help with calming and relaxation. It also helps with occasional upset stomachs and supports the central nervous system.

Chickweed reduces water weight during your period and helps with losing inches.

Cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugars that are both within normal ranges.

Cleavers helps to support the bladder and kidneys.

Cloves help with general wellness and supports a healthy digestive system.

Coltsfoot leaf supports the respiratory system and opens the airways.

Corn silkupports the kidney, bladder and prostate. It acts as a dieretic during the menstrual cycle.

Damiana is a very useful to both men and women as an overall tonic. It helps to increase the libido.

Dandelion leaf and root is very high in potassium. It has been used for supporting kidney, liver and urinary tract. It aids in lowering blood pressure when within normal range. A good overall body tonic.

Dong quai is known for balancing female hormones. It helps boost natural energy for women.

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E and F


Echinacea is a fantastic immune booster. It reduces the appearane of skin wounds, including stings and bites.

Elecampane helps open the airway.

Eucalyptus leaf is a very cooling herb. It supports the respiratory system. It also helps reduce the appearance o scrapes and cuts.

Fennel seed helps reduce bloating during menses. It also helps reduce occasional gas.

Feverfew helps reduce occasional pain and helps overworked muscles to feel better.

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G and H


Ginger root is very cooling. It helps open the airway.

Goldenseal root is known for nourishing skin.

Gotu kola increases energy and stamina.

Green tea is high in antioxidants. It helps increase energy and lowers cholesterol levels when within normal ranges. The Chinese believe that green tea helps promote longevity.

Gymena is known for reducing blood sugar levels when within already normal ranges. It has been known for blocking the taste of sugar.

Hawthorn berry is very supportive to the cardiovascular system. It helps lower high blood pressure when within normal range.

Hops is known for a calming effect. It helps reduce feelings of stress and promotes a restful nights sleep.

Horehound helps open up the airway.

Horny goat weed helps strengthen the libido.

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J and K


Juniper berry supports the production and flow of urine. Lowers blood pressure when within a normal range. It is sometimes used for prostate support.

Kava root promotes a restful sleep. It helps ease stress and tension.

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L and M


Lavender is very calming and relaxing, with a wonderful scent. It helps promote a restful sleep. It helps reduce the occasional blues.

Lemon balm soothes the skin. It promotes relaxation and eases stress.

Licorice root regulates blood sugar levels when within a normal range.

Marshmallow root helps ease fluid retention during the menstrual cycle.

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N and P


Nettles offers support for kidneys and bladder function. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Supports the glands.

Passion flower calms the mind and helps promote a restful sleep.

Pau d’ Arco helps reduce inflamation caused from overworked muscles.

Pleurisy root supports the respiratory system.

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R and S


Red clover is great for general wellness. It is helpful to women in perimenopause and menopause, especially for hot flashes.

Red raspberry is a strong, supportive herb for women. It is high in vitamins and minerals. It naturally is a great part of any beauty regimen because it is known for strengthening hair and nails as well as promoting healthier looking skin.

Rose hips has a high concentration of Vitamin C and minerals.

Rosemary is great for reducing pain in overworked muscles. It helps improve mental clarity.

Saw palmetto is supportive to men’s overall wellness. It supports the prostate and in the aging urinary tract.

Senna is useful for reducing occasional constipation.

Shave grass contains high amounts of minerals, especially silica. It is known for strengthening hair and nails as well as promoting healthier looking skin.

Skullcap is an effective herb for relaxing and de-stressing. It is helpful in reducing stress.

St. John’ Wort promotes positive and happy mental thoughts.

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U and V


Uva Ursi supports the urinary tract and reduces normal water weight. It also supports kidney and bladder function.

Valerian roothelps promote feelings of calmness and helps with a restful sleep. Its earthy scent can seem strong to some people. In MOBU Herbals products, other scents will dominate after a few minutes.

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W and Y


White willow is effective in reducing occasional pain caused from everyday tasks or overworked muscles. It health the skin appear to be healthier.

Wild Cherry Bark is effective in opening the airways.

Wild yam helps balance female hormones in change of life.

Witch hazel naturally helps the skin appear tightened. Helps reduce the appearance of varicose veins and helps reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eyes.

Wormwood helps support a healthy digestive system. It helps to reduce the appearance of bug bites.

Yellow dock helps your food digest. It helps with occasional constipation.

Yerba maté is an energy promoting herb and is a natural tonic. It helps to lose inches. It helps reduce stress related headaches.

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